May 28, 2014

I've changed teams.

Hello! I've been away for so long it feels kind of strange to be back. I haven't been idle though (not with school fete time looming). Plenty of sewing has been done and of course there had to be some kind of sewing machine purchase/saga during my absence!

Over the Christmas school holidays, this little beauty hung out on my dining room table for about a month and I fell in love. She's a 1972 Bernina Record 830, with pretty rough paintwork and yellowed plastic. She was a spur of the moment buy from Gumtree. The seller had just logged out of Gumtree putting the ad in when I happened to go online, found it and phoned her. It was meant to be, especially for $75.

I quickly packed the kids in the car and my Mum who was visiting at the time, and went to pick it up straight away (in case the seller got a better offer as these machines can go for heaps more!). After a very thorough clean (the part I love the best) she was working beautifully, and so very fast. She even came with plenty of feet, an extension table and red carry case.

That day I became converted. I became one of those people who you read about on sewing forums going on and on about how great Bernina's are. I have to say they sew really well and the feet are so lovely and easy to change and it actually does a zig zag (sorry my lovely straight stitching Singers).

Then guess what happened?

Bye, Bye Janome sewing machine (I decided to sell it). Hello Bernina 1008.

A Happy 40th present from my very lovely husband, who I think couldn't stand the sight of the yellowed plastic of the 830. The two machines are very similar (except for the price tag). I have actually been wanting one for quite a while, but could never justify the price (don't you just love BIG birthdays?). If you hadn't realised, I'm pretty keen on mechanical machines, I just didn't have one that did a zig zag or blind stitch or pretty serpentine stitch...

After a sewing machine shake up, the Bernina 830 has gone to live with my Mum (and she's pretty happy with it). I also ended up selling my industrial machine to a young swimwear designer, my spare Singer 201 head went to Africa, my overlocker to a lovely new mum, and of course picked up a second hand Bernina overlocker for only $150 (love that Gumtree!), thus effectively changing to team BERNINA (and vintage Singer).

I've sewn on my 1008 pretty much everyday since I got it in the beginning of January (sorry little Singers), and the only thing missing is that it doesn't have that typewriter clacking sound that I love about the 830 (the Bernina seller says that comes over time as the new metal rubs and wears in the bobbin area) the 830 is 42 years old, so it should be right by the time I'm 82?

And I love that I can oil it (even if it's just the bobbin area). I couldn't do that with my Janome.