Aug 4, 2013

The Clam Hat

If you just ignore the fact that the clam fabric is upside down, let me present to you the littlest guy's new bucket hat!

It is of course the fantastic oliver + s  free Reversible Bucket Hat Pattern. This is unfortunately the biggest size (21"), so I will have to look elsewhere for any larger sizes. Fabric is Clam Bake from Dear Stella on one side, dark blue homespun on the reverse.

It is ever so easy to make, I even did it on this:

Oh yes, I turned the Singer 99k into a hand crank! It like a new toy. The boys have been having so much fun with it too, cranking away while I steer the fabric (sewing even more lavender bags). I thought it might be tricky to sew with, but it really is very easy to guide the fabric with your left hand and turn with your right. The bobbin still even works (it's also a great arm workout).

I bought the hand crank from here. The overall quality of the hand crank isn't the best - not like the beautiful enamel finish on the actual machine. I think it's all just black paint on fairly rough metal, but it does it's job well. And as an added bonus - I have a working Singer motor to use on another machine!

It's so nice to be able to just walk up to the machine and start sewing - no foot controllers and power points to plug in, no worries about leaving the machine on and things heating up. The only downside it you were thinking of converting to one (apart from speed), would be the lack of light at night. This baby came without a light anyway, but I have come up with an alternative:

An IKEA led portable light that is conveniently magnetic! Press on and off. Fantastic. The littlest guy, thinking it was funny, stuck a bunch of fridge magnets on the machine, and guess what we worked out?  Flat magnetic fridge magnets can be used as seam guides! (I'm sure lots of people already know all this, but I'm obviously a bit slow).

Oh, and if I wanted, I could take her outside into the garden to sew while watching the kids play, or down to the creek to throw rocks, or on a boat, or in the car. Imagine what muscles I'd have...

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