Jul 26, 2013

I'm a guest blogger today!

Hello to my lovely readers!

Today, I've written my first ever guest post over at Make it Handmade. Go and check out my Handmade Confession, and while you're there, have a look at all the amazing tutorials!

Jul 20, 2013


49 of these.
Some sashing between.
Maybe a scalloped edge.
A vintage inspired quilt for my bed.
But it has to be hand quilted.
I need to learn how to do that.
Probably need a thimble too, right?

I've been inspired. A very quick tour through the Quilts Exhibition at QAG with the boys on the school holidays was all it took. Seeing all those lovely antique hand made quilts with imperfect stitches, I knew I should at least try. I wish I could have taken photos for you.

Oh, and I had to have the Hello Kitty Liberty Fabric Mug from the Gallery Shop.

As I cannot afford Liberty fabric, some similar (I can only assume as I have never touched the real thing before) Lecien will have to do. Especially at $7.95 per metre.

I wonder how long this is going to take?

Jul 17, 2013


It started as a remnant.
He thought it was wonderful.
He's been wearing the tail for more than a month now, day and night, just tucked into his pants.
Every now and then he will meow.
Sometimes my arms get licked.
If he loses the tail it's the end of the world.
I've now cut it in half and sometimes I wear the other one. I am mummy tiger after all...