Apr 21, 2013

Pants Time

It's time for pants. It's finally getting cool, and the overlocker's loving the attention. So, goodbye summer pyjamas and hello long pants!

Seven pairs for the little guy who grows so quickly. Three very cute flannels and the rest cotton knits. Some with the Faux Cuff, others just hemmed on the sweet Singer. No bought pattern, just traced from some existing pants. I even made the elastic waist roomy for comfortable sleeping. I love this kind of mindless sewing. No pockets or zips. The final step of putting the elastic in takes longer than sewing the pants together.

I had to go back to Spotlight today to buy some more of that bicycle flannel. I bought the last 3.5 metres (it was on sale)!

With all this pants sewing I realised that I can no longer make a pair of pants for the little guy with just a half metre of fabric. A lot of the knits I buy online come in half metre increments (like that yellow Stella above), so there will be extra expense and a bit of wastage. Darn growth!  I guess there will be a stage when it's going to be really costly to buy more expensive fabrics for the boys. No more cheap half metre cuts or remnant knits for me. I might have to go to a store, but not Spotlight as they have zero printed cotton knit fabric at the moment. Nor have they for more than a year. Lucky I have some stashed.

And now for something smelly.

Lavender sachets. Or mini throwing pillows if you ask the kids. They smell so nice. Only one ended up in the linen cupboard, the kids claimed the others for their drawers. I need to find somewhere that sells dried lavender by the giant bagful, as it's so nice to sleep on sheets scented with lavender. Sweet dreams!

Apr 10, 2013

Simple Sewing

If you're looking for a simple and practical project when you're in a bit of a sewing rut (too lazy to cut out clothing pieces or commit to lengthy quilt piecing) and want something that sews up in about half an hour you can't go past the grocery bag. I have a few of these now and use them all the time. Now I have a mustard and grey one to add to the the pile.

I've used cotton poplin pear fabric from Spotlight and some solids to create this one. Sewn on the Singer and her new table. The table has become the perfect spot to charge phones and iPads at night, so a table topper has become a necessity (I don't want to refinish the top again for a long time!). A bit of Michael Miller Tammis Keefe linen/cotton has come to the rescue. Sewn together with a bit of batting between and concentric rectangle quilting. Terrible photo taken just now, at night.

I  have a heap of this fabric (maybe 6 yards) all rolled up.  I'll have to work out what to do with it.  I wish it was wider so I could turn it into a table cloth. It was a whole $4 a yard. Amazing.

Apr 8, 2013

Weekend Project

Is it a lamp table?  Is it a bedside table?  No, it's a sewing table!  I've been on the look out for one of these old Singer Sewing Machine Cabinets for a little while (as the not so portable machines are really heavy to lug around) and finally came across one that wasn't too decrepit.

I love how it looks really simple and contemporary.  I love vintage furniture.

Sweet little fold down front draw for sewing paraphernalia.

Flip lid which turns into a fantastic extension.  And hiding inside a very grubby and rusty 1953 Singer 201.  Whoops, I now have another one.

Now this one has a motor that is totally dead.  I don't know what I'm going to do about that.  My seven year old told me to turn it into a hand crank for him (poor thing, all this sewing crap is rubbing off onto him!).

So, I spent a lovely wet Brisbane weekend cleaning her and her wooden home up.  I'm pretty impressed with how the cabinet looks now.  Who would of thought this was hiding under all that peeling and damaged shellac.

Once the shellac was stripped, all it needed was some beeswax.  I used to varnish all my furniture, but now I think wax looks a lot more mellow and natural.  I normally use a harder lavender beeswax that must have a lot of carnauba wax in it, but it ran out a while ago.  I ended up using some Glitz beeswax from Bunnings which is not really what I wanted as it looks so cheapo, but it was the only one there and the antique shop where I normally by wax from was closed.  You know how it is - must have it now - settle for the perceived inferior.  Wow, I was wrong.  It smelled of honey and it really moisturised the veneer.  It feels really silky.

The veneer isn't perfect, there are chips, scratches and water marks, but it's an amazing improvement.

Metal holder for the table leaf extension

It's going to be the home of my first purchased Singer 201 as this one has a working motor (not original) and is cosmetically a bit better.  She's been moved upstairs now as it's so pretty to look at and going to be fantastic to use when quilting with all that table space.

And here's the original machine all cleaned up.  Poor thing was pulled apart, polished, reassembled and oiled.  I even pulled apart the bobbin case and tension assembly.

There's still a few rusty bits and damaged chrome.  But she's looking nice and clean.  I won't know if she stitches well until I sort out a motor (or hand crank).  I don't really need another machine so I'll see what happens with her.

There you go.  Amazing what you can do on a rainy weekend.

And that mustard pear fabric is tuning into yet another grocery bag.  I love them.