Feb 21, 2013

I Made it

I know, it's been a while, but I have an excuse!

I've finally listed my baby quilts on Made It.  You can find me here in a shop surprisingly called Sewburbia.  I haven't sold anything yet, but I'm hopeful.

The little number below should be in the shop early next week.  Pink triangles!  I've decided to make a few modern graphic style quilts, still in bassinet size.  Next up will be a yellow and grey version or maybe blues.

And now a little something from a recent school trip to the museum dinosaur exhibition:

Goofy head in a crocodile skull.  Man, looking after a group of grade 2 boys wearing uniforms in a museum is hard work.

Feb 2, 2013

Something girlie in a house full of boys

It's funny, I like to wear a lot of dark colours (light ones don't suit me).  I like to decorate my house with warm colours and I like most of the boys' stuff to be navy blues and reds.  Why then do I have so much aqua fabric in my collection?  I have a couple of pieces of aqua Tupperware in the house, but that's it!  I don't know why I've accumulated so much of it.  And it's just sat there, barely used, but looking pretty.

Well no longer!  I'm jumping out of my colour comfort zone and going girlie crazy, and in the process using up a HEAP of fat quarters (like around 36).  There is barely a piece of aqua left in the box (or green for that matter).  I'm going to be making Cluck Cluck Sew's Squares and Stripes Quilt for my bed, and I'm going for springtime colours of aqua, pink, yellow and green.  If it turns out ugly, well, my mum likes pink! (and I've made quite a space for the grey, red and navy fabrics that I love so much).

There is a serious amount of cutting involved and I'm somehow 11 blocks worth of fabric short.  I'll have to supplement with more white and solids as I'm all out of matching prints (maybe my stash isn't as big as I thought!).  It does feel good to finally find a home for all those odd, lonely fat quarters.

I did make an aqua coloured quilt from a Neptune jelly roll early last year, but it's not been used much as it matches nothing in the house.  This one hopefully won't go the same way.

Now after all this talk about aqua, I'm going to show you the pillow sham I made for the 10 Little Things quilt.  Yes, it's aqua.  When I was ordering the owl fabric all I could think of was how pretty the aqua background was, and now that it's sewn up I really wished I bought the owls with the dark blue background instead.  See, I can't stop buying aqua.  I do it without thinking.

I kept the pillow simple as the rest of the quilt is quite busy.  Wish it was navy though.