Jan 21, 2013

No longer scraps

Like most fabric hoarders, I have a plastic box that I keep my fabric scraps in.  It seemed pretty full and I thought I might even be able to make a small lap quilt with it all until I decided to sort them in to their respective colour groups.  Funnily, there was really not a lot there in the end.  I pieced what I had into slabs and once trimmed I only had enough for a couple of pillows.  It's strange how bulky fabric looks all loose and curled up in a tangle and how much you really need for a quilt.  I also now know I have a lot of blue fabric and wish I had more yellow and green.  I never seem to buy a lot green fabric

So, two quilted scrappy pillows were made with the little bits of leftovers I loved to keep.

I even added the Christmas trees that would never end up anywhere else.

It has an envelope back complete with bound edge.  Backing fabric is Denyse Schmidt from Spotlight.

I love this little owl.

And this little black machine.  She's the 1957 Singer 99k that I spoke about in my last post.  She's mostly all cleaned up.  Can you tell what she's missing?

Apart from the foot pedal and power cord which were to ugly to photograph, she's missing her spool pin.  I've been using a bamboo chopstick instead.  Her chrome bobbin plate is pretty damaged from the salty air of the Sunshine Coast and the lid locks are broken but I'll still love her.  I now have all three sizes: the 201k, the 99k and the 222k.  Not one does a zig zag.  I think I may now have enough.

We're on our last week of the school holidays here and the weather is still so hot and humid.  The big guy  has spent way too much time with something computerised in his hand these holidays and I can't wait for him to start using his brain again at school.  He's even refusing to read out loud (that's going to change next week!).  The little guy is just a bit grumpy.

Well, the scrap box is next to empty (except for some greys and blacks), and it's going to take a while to get it full again I think.  My bed quilt is still just a folded up quilt top waiting for some backing.  I've decided to go to IKEA one day once school is back on to buy a cheap flat sheet to back it with.  Anything else seems a waste if you know what I mean.

Brief details for the pillow if you're interested:

Quilted top 20 x 20 inches
Cut two rectangles 15 x 20 inches - bind one, hem the other
Overlap and sew together
Bind the lot the usual way!


  1. Love them and love the straight line quilting! I've also been feeling overwhelmed by scraps and leftovers lately.

    1. Thanks! It's nice to see all the leftovers not going to waste. I think I've been converted to straight line quilting - it's so quick to do, probably about 10 minutes per pillow!

  2. Ooh the pillows are just adorable!!
    I never quilted before... but now I want to try it even more ;o)