Dec 14, 2012

Singer bag sewing love

The Janome's packed away for a bit, so this little girl has come out for a while.  Oiling her seems to take forever, but I love it.  Feels like I'm getting to know all the little bits that make her run (unlike the modern machines).  And she's been making bags.

Of course more of the Michelle Patterns Grocery Bags that I've been making lately.

This one's a medium size as I wanted a little left over tree fabric from my half yard.  I wish I bought more of it.

The lining fabric is a very thin weight cotton from Spotlight (no, not a remnant!).  I love scratchy look black fabric, but I wish it was a heavier weight though.  The trees are from Robert Kaufman's City Centre range.

I also made the smallest size in blue.

Blue spot from Spotlight a couple of years ago and floral fabric from a Big W remnant.

Here's a size comparison:

I'm still loving the pattern and I love sewing it on my Singer 222k.  Beautiful little stitches (as long as the bobbin's wound well!).  I should make a bag to actually fit the Singer in as the box she came in has truly had it (she's been living in a plastic bag of late).  I've heard people use cooler bags to store them in as they're padded.  I might look into that and toss the unusable broken box.

By the way, my Janome is no longer in time out due to it's self sewing behaviour - I worked out the foot pedal was on an uneven bit of flooring and that caused the poltergeist sewing.  Put the pedal on nice flat floor and all seems well (for now).  I've put her away so that my other machines get a look in (and therefore a little maintenance) every now and then.

So, should I make some more of these?  I usually have about eight 'green' bags with me when I do my weekly shop, so a few more won't hurt right?  I can use my ugliest fabric that will never be a quilt!

Dec 11, 2012

Authentic Plus Quilt Top

My quilt top is finally pieced!  It hasn't been ironed yet - I know it's going to be painful on my tiny ironing board, so I'll wait until I have the backing and batting sorted.  I was a little lazy with my seams, so let me just say it's not my best work.  I really needed this done quickly as I'm sick of having my winter bed cover still on.  The worst seams are on the green fabric for some reason.  Maybe it stretched more than the others.  In some spots there's more than a quarter inch seam difference around the green fabric and then it somehow sorts itself out for the rest of the row.  I thought about unpicking, but it doesn't bother me and I can live with it - moaning and groaning done.

I'm really loving the colours and all the text and number prints.  I left off all the chunky text fabrics though as I don't think they really worked.  I can't wait to see this finished and on my bed.

Now to just find somewhere in my house to do the quilt sandwich - and someone to do a little babysitting!

Dec 3, 2012

teacher gift fail

Hello again.  Second round of teacher sewing here.  I knew I'd want to keep the grocery bag I made last week, so I made something new.  Pity I didn't reset the tension knob after doing the gathers and all the stitching is quite loose.  I blame school pick up for interrupting me.

This very cute little zipped pouch is Noodlehead's Gathered Clutch.  Very easy to sew - this is the second (ever!) non separating zip I've sewn with.


See those loose stitches on the lining?  They make me very sad.

Will the teacher notice?  Probably not, but I don't want it to fall apart on her.  It's not the biggest pouch - only pencil case size, so the fabric will get pushed and tugged a lot.

I love this fabric.  There was only about half a metre of it left at Spotlight on the weekend.  I did get it for 80 cents though (love a remnant).  It's cotton drill and luckily there's plenty left over for the next one I plan to make to give to the teacher...  Practice makes perfect!