Oct 25, 2012

Quilts in use

Just thought I'd share photos of the boy's bed quilts in use, if only to encourage me to make matching pillow shams.

Bed one, starring Barney the dog, a kiwi and Pikachu.

They're actually red gingham not pink sheets (not that there's anything wrong with that)!

Bed Two, starring a Pukeko and a denim pillow from Spotlight.  No, we aren't from New Zealand.  We have family who like to travel.  The bird does match nicely though.

There you go.  I love them both.  I still want to make another red, white and blue quilt with the leftover fabric - just in case we ever move the boys in together.  No more zig-zags though!

Oct 24, 2012

Getting Ready for December 1

Step 1.  Buy Advent Calendar Panel from Spotlight.  Last year.

Step 2:  Cut out 24 cute little pockets and iron them to death (include burning fingers folding over seam allowances).

Step 3.  Sew all 24 pockets with a two year old on your lap.  Try not to sew his fingers.  Add a little bit of quilting for texture.

Step 4.  Listen to the excited little ones when they see the finished product that's just 12 months overdue (they don't know that).

Step 5.  Work out what teeny tiny things I can put in those microscopic pockets on December 1.  Realise they're even too small for a toy car.

Step 6.  Think about making 24 little treasure maps to fit in each of the pockets for the boys to search for the goodies, as goodies won't fit in those minuscule pockets.

Well, it might not be too practical, but at least I made a matching Christmas decoration - I have the coordinating bunting that I DID make last year. That penguin on day 16 is very cute.

Oct 16, 2012

Finally, a quilt for my bed!

Ok, it's early days.  Only the simple chopping done:  five inch squares of my favourite fabric range ever!

It is of course Authentic by Sweetwater.  This was purchased in my very first online fabric order along with the 1974 fabric for my first quilt.  I purchased this as layer cakes, I wish I bought the fat quarter set now as I might not have enough.  I paid heaps for it as I bought it here in Australia.  I had no idea about buying fabric half the price overseas... I guess the Aussie dollar wasn't so good back then either.

Anyway, this has always been earmarked for use as a summer quilt for my queen sized bed.  I finally decided on a pattern and had the guts to cut it up (that is, after realising I no longer have a summer bedspread as I threw my old one out instead of washing it at the beginning of the year).  I'm going to make a plus or cross quilt with the five inch squares.  I think it will be 20 x 20 squares in size.  I hope I have enough of each pattern as a 'plus' uses 5 squares of the same pattern.

I'm going to put it together in sections as I have nowhere to lay it out first.  I hope it all works and I hope I like how the black looks with it all.  I'm a white/cream/neutral coloured bed sheet kind of girl, so I hope the dark fabric doesn't dominate too much.

I'm going to take my time with this one as I'm going to have to look at the finished product everyday for a long time.  Really big quilts can be hard to do!

Oct 13, 2012

Pears of Pants

Oh dear, so much for the great effort I was going to put in to the Kids Clothing Week Challenge.  I made a total of five pairs of basic shorts, with not even a matching t-shirt in sight.

These are all destined to be pyjama bottoms as my children won't be allowed to wear them in public.  Fabric for all are cotton jersey from Spotlight.  I love that pear print - I sadly have none left.

Some have faux cuffs as I was too lazy to use the sewing machine.  I feel a bit sad to have missed a good sewing opportunity like KCWC, but first week back at school, exhaustion from lingering sickness and apathy toward tracing new patterns has resulted in the above.  At least I made something, even it it's only one of seven days' worth of sewing!

I did get to take the above kid to a roller skating party today instead of sewing.  I'm terrible at it so he seems to get his balance from his dad.  Love that tiny gap in his smile.

Oct 5, 2012

Baby Quilts *beware* Spot Overload

I've been having heaps of fun putting these together and it feels good to see all that fabric in use, even that tiny bit of owl fabric I had saved.

These are all just simple squares.  I'm thinking about some zig-zags and plus quilts next.  I have some cotton kids IKEA fabric that might be used too.

These ones are ready for quilting and binding.  I really should make more for girls, but boyish ones are more fun.

My sofa quilt even got a look in.  It's been quilted (I tried to stitch in the ditch as best I could for the first time since my first quilt) and is ready for some binding in red.  I used a brown spotted cotton sateen double bed sheet from Spotlight for the back.    It matches the colours perfectly and I got to add in a little spot fabric too.  If you haven't worked it out yet, I adore spots.

I was going to stipple the quilt, but the industrial machine I've been using has decided it no longer wants to do free motion and would rather be a straight stitch only machine once more.  I would get about 10cm of quilting done before the thread around the needle frayed and then broke.  I guess I must have done something to it at some stage and it's really not worth it getting looked at and fixed as it would be a costly home visit.  It's not meant to do that type of thing anyway, so the feed dogs and presser foot are back on.  Luckily she sews straight stitch super fast and beautifully still.

Where did I get all that quilting time you may ask?  Being a slack blogger Sick children on school holidays.  They sat in front of the television watching Howl's Moving Castle and Arrietty over and over.  Arrietty actually makes the little guy sleepy, which is always a bonus when he no longer sleeps in the day.  It's also quite amazing how much sewing you can get done before the kids start asking for breakfast.  I do most of my sewing before 7:30am (the little guy gets up at 6am).  I know when it's time to stop as the little one comes over and turns off my machine.

One exciting thing has happened on the holidays though.  Not the arrival of a new paper aeroplane book (100 paper aeroplanes to make or fly which actually has - disappointingly - only  4 patterns in it) or the single bed quilts I made them actually being used on their beds?

No, the big guy lost his first tooth!  Actually, I ripped it from his mouth.  After I did it he told me he knows I'm the Tooth Fairy and Santa (what? I thought daddy was Santa).  I suspect he's never believed in Santa.  Darn, such a Capricorn (like his mother)!

So, two more days before school starts and I know I won't be spending it in front of a sewing machine.  I may be hunting around for fabric for a small portion of it, but spending the rest of it with the kiddies and my now sick husband.

Whilst filling up a giant bag full of clothes for charity, I had a good look through both of the kids chest of drawers and noticed they are lacking in 'play' pants and have lots of t-shirts.  Luckily next week is the Kids Clothing Challenge, so I'll be making knit shorts, the kind they'll wear around the house and in the sandpit.  I should be looking at patterns but I think I might save money trace my own from what already fits, or  I could go to BigW and buy some for $3, but where's the fun in that?