Aug 20, 2012

Ready for Book Week?

Guess who my big boy's going to Book Week as?

Ok, the stripes are supposed to be the same width.

I even knitted a hat.

Did you guess?  Of course it's Wally, as in Where's Wally?  He can be hard to find, just like red and white striped fabric.

The Book Week parade isn't until the end of the week, so no photos of him in it yet.  I do have one from last year though.  I made him a Robin Hood outfit, complete with hat.  He looks so adorable (if I do say so myself).

Here he is again with some gigantic chickens from this year's EKKA.  I always loved the chickens when we went as kids.

And not to leave the little guy who likes to play golf out, a photo of his new and very short hair.  Sadly, done by mummy with the clippers.  Unfortunately it doesn't look as red when it's shorter, unlike those cheeks.

We tend to cut hair short around here as I've noticed over the years with my eldest, that longer hair = cranky behaviour.  I think they get too hot and sweaty as they both have really thick hair, and it is hot in Brisbane.  Same goes for hubby.  Doesn't seem to work on females.  I did love long hair on them as babies, beautiful silky blond curls...

Anyway, if you're interested, the jersey fabric for the long sleeve tee came from Spotlight (called Stuey Jersey) and neckband and cuffs are Seaspray, also from Spotlight.  The pattern is Stripey Top from Ottobre 1/2010.  The hat was knitted from the most terrible acrylic yarn (80st with 4.5mm double pointed needles).

And I have to say,  this is the first time I have made a top that has turned out so well.  I usually only make pants as my tops are really ill-fitting.  My little Wally was so impressed he asked if "someone else made it?",  I said "that's lovely!", and he said "no, I mean it looks like you bought it in a shop."  Very sweet.


  1. Looks awesome! I'm obsessed with beanies, I want it!

    I was thinking of making some book themed outfits this week, but Vincent only likes Star Wars pretty much

  2. I picked that as 'Where's Wally' right away! Great work. And the Robin Hood is awesome!

  3. awww.. so cute! I picked out where's waldo right off too. I've never heard of book week. It's such a great idea!