Aug 23, 2012

Found you Wally!

Shhh, he's hiding.

You funny thing.

Now pose for the camera.

Finally, the much anticipated (by me) school Book Week Parade day had arrived.  This year's was the easiest and most comfortable costume ever.  In fact he was still wearing it when I picked him up this afternoon, even though it got to 27 degrees C.

Love that boy and the shirt.  I wonder if he will fit in it next winter as a casual tee?  I guess this little guy can always wear it.

I'm showing you a picture of his backside because I made those shorts this afternoon before school pick-up.

They're made from seersucker, an interesting fabric to sew with (with all those little bumps that get folded as they are stitched, darn!).  Nice and cool for summer though.  I used the same brown paper pattern from my pajama pants tutorial, just cut shorter.  They took about 10 minutes to make as there are no side seams.  They would have looked better with a bias cut back pocket, but I didn't think of it at the time.

And yes, it's still winter here.

Aug 20, 2012

Ready for Book Week?

Guess who my big boy's going to Book Week as?

Ok, the stripes are supposed to be the same width.

I even knitted a hat.

Did you guess?  Of course it's Wally, as in Where's Wally?  He can be hard to find, just like red and white striped fabric.

The Book Week parade isn't until the end of the week, so no photos of him in it yet.  I do have one from last year though.  I made him a Robin Hood outfit, complete with hat.  He looks so adorable (if I do say so myself).

Here he is again with some gigantic chickens from this year's EKKA.  I always loved the chickens when we went as kids.

And not to leave the little guy who likes to play golf out, a photo of his new and very short hair.  Sadly, done by mummy with the clippers.  Unfortunately it doesn't look as red when it's shorter, unlike those cheeks.

We tend to cut hair short around here as I've noticed over the years with my eldest, that longer hair = cranky behaviour.  I think they get too hot and sweaty as they both have really thick hair, and it is hot in Brisbane.  Same goes for hubby.  Doesn't seem to work on females.  I did love long hair on them as babies, beautiful silky blond curls...

Anyway, if you're interested, the jersey fabric for the long sleeve tee came from Spotlight (called Stuey Jersey) and neckband and cuffs are Seaspray, also from Spotlight.  The pattern is Stripey Top from Ottobre 1/2010.  The hat was knitted from the most terrible acrylic yarn (80st with 4.5mm double pointed needles).

And I have to say,  this is the first time I have made a top that has turned out so well.  I usually only make pants as my tops are really ill-fitting.  My little Wally was so impressed he asked if "someone else made it?",  I said "that's lovely!", and he said "no, I mean it looks like you bought it in a shop."  Very sweet.

Aug 5, 2012

I've been a busy homebody

It's been a busy few weeks here in the 'burbs.  A bit of sewing and a lot of gardening for the kids (more on that later).  My lovely brother gifted us with four upholstered dining chairs a few weeks back and I had them steam cleaned (along with the sofa), they turned out so nice and clean I was scared to use them or let the kids go near them (which is kind of ridiculous).  I even laid towels over them when we ate.  So I decided slipcovers were in order (any excuse to sew hey?).  With a little help from Mum they were done in half a day.  We just pinned chunks of fabric over the chairs and sewed along the pin line.  I love them, they look kind of like linen (and crush like it too) but they're 100% cotton fabric from IKEA in beige.  I hope they still fit after a wash though!

I've been working on a quilt for the sofa as well - it just needs a border then it's ready to quilt.  The fabric is Lumiere de Noel by French General.  I chose that range to match with my red sofa as I have a really hard time finding throw rugs and cushions to match it.  I don't know what I was thinking that 10+ years ago when I bought it, red is really hard to decorate with, especially a rusty red.  It is really comfy and in great condition and will probably go another 10 years (darn...).  I've had a few costly Laura Ashley throw rugs over the years, but it's time for a quilt or two (yes, I have batwing chair in the same fabric).  After the success of the dining chair I thought I might try to slipcover the batwing chair in the future, maybe with piping too.

Yes he's playing Wii and has Nutella on his face
Now, this is what's taken up most of my time - a new playground and garden bed for the boys.  It's from the BigW toy sale of all places and they love it!  We added some fake grass underneath so they can sit under it and use it as a cubby (it has nylon fabric sides that we haven't put on yet).  It's nice not having to go to the park all the time just to go on the slide.  There's plenty of native plants in the garden and we've put a garden bed around them with plenty of bark for the termites.  Got to keep everyone happy.

My slow going night time project has been a Kurt Cobain inspired green cardigan for which ever child it ends up fitting.  I don't think it will be done in time to wear this year.  Sad,  I used to love knitting so much and now sewing has taken over as my favourite craft.

And I want to make some placements out of this Michael Miller/Tammis Keefe cotton/linen.  I just need some more batting (ie leftovers from the sofa quilts).  I love this fabric and it's been waiting around for a while to be used.

I'm taking my eldest to the EKKA (Brisbane Exhibition) next week, I haven't been for about 10 years so I'm excited.  It will be R's first time at the show - I promised him we won't look at the quilts and knitting for too long!