May 16, 2012

80's Revival

It was fitting that I was sitting with Mum today (while inserting the painful zippers) discussing how thirty years ago she was probably making similar things for my siblings and I to wear (of course out of fleece and ribbing too) while we were at school.  Home made fleece clothing was big in the 80's in our house.

As I was making these vests all I could think of was Michael J Fox in Back to the Future. 
I was inspired to make these after success of the Spotty Velour Vest.  I hated the lining part so I just used fleece/sweatshirting instead.  Two for my messy little one and one for my big boy.

I've worked out I love topstitching

I made the base of these with my trusty Burda 9672 pattern as the Ottobre pattern for the lined vest only went to size 92cm.  I used the same pocket finishes from the Ottobre pattern and just some more ribbing around the armholes.

The two dark grey vests used less than 75cm of fleece (Platinum Fleece and ribbing purchased at Spotlight).  The dark grey is really thick so it should be quite warm.  The light grey is a lot thinner, it's left over from some house only pants I made last year.  I was so impressed by the dark grey I went back and bought 3 more metres of it.  It was on sale.

You won't see anything like these babies in the shops - just why I love sewing for my little boys.  I wonder how long they will be happy to wear what I make though?  I might have to learn to sew for myself when that time comes.

May 7, 2012

Happy Bib-day little dude!

Sitting around with family while my cute little birthday boy (yes he's 2 now!) ran around with the boys I stupidly piped up with "I really should make some bibs to sell at the school fete".  "Yes you should!" they excitedly replied (I'm from a family of crafty females) and we set off to work digging through my scraps of fabric and batting.  There was a lot of "I want to keep that scrap" from me and soon my sisters added some of their scraps (lucky for me they live close by) for some family crafting.  Love it.

A few hours later we had made all these:

I used the Liberty Baby Bibs tutorial from Purl Bee for the pattern shape.  They are of course reversible.  Bibs are addictive and a great way to use up scraps of fabric and ribbon, or even the occasional yo-yo.

I even tried my hand at a little machine appliqué with success.  In the end 32 bibs were made.  I think they look lovely straight after ironing.  Like little sun visors.

It was a lot of work over the last few nights topstitching and adding velcro, trying to match colours.  Great fun, I hope a lot of pregnant women turn up to the fete!