Jan 28, 2012

I just couldn't wait

1.  Wanting to forget I started that Hidden Wells quilt that I will have to finish one day because I blogged about it, and 2.  being easily distracted,  I decided to make the two doggy quilt kits I bought at Spotlight the other day. These were so simple I did them both in a night.  How very satisfying.  I never knew what a pain satin was to sew.  I think I only finished them because I didn't pin any of it.  Shock! I hate pinning anything and most times the finished product show that.  I really should do it more (like with the satin).  Maybe it should have been my New Year's resolution.

Love those minky strips.

Hanging over the front verandah with the frangipani in the background.
I don't know how well they'll wash with flannel on the back, but they're nice and light and quite warm.  It's an easy pattern to copy for a quick baby gift.  When I gave one to my eldest boy he said excitedly, "Did you make this for me mummy? I'll keep this for the rest of my life."  So sweet, but somehow I don't think it will last that long.

Jan 27, 2012

Show and Tell

Some more fabric to show today.  Maybe I should call it Fabric Friday.  It's some Michael Miller Crab Walk from the Going Coastal Collection.  Love that name.  I couldn't decide which colour I liked best so I bought all three.  They will turn into some boxer shorts for the kids maybe or an apron for me.  Let's see who wins.  The gingham is destined to become double fold bias tape with a bit left over for a quilt.
I think I love the grey the best.
Love those crabs!
And now for some sewing.  After a little fight with my overlocker I have decided that knits don't really need to be overlocked - I can just sew them on my normal machine (how's that for punishment you expensive Janome).  I've had a lot of trouble with the right most thread breaking if I go over a lump like a crotch seam.  It's very frustrating.  Any ideas anyone?

The waist looks high but isn't when it's on.
I  made these pants out of the Seaspray from my last post.  It's my favourite baby pants pattern ever.  They're from Ottobre Design Magazine (Pattern 2 Spring 2009).  I've made heaps of these and will continue until my baby grows out of the largest size available.  What I love about them is that they have that square crotch that fits a nappy so well and slim legs.  So without my overlocker I used a 3 step zig-zag stitch for the cuffs and stretch stitch inside.  So nice and comfy looking and perfect for wearing to bed.

I really love those Ottobre patterns,  I've only got a couple of the magazines and really should get a subscription.  They have some great boys clothes patterns that fit really well.

The simple 3 step zig-zag for a nice soft leg finish.
Time to try to tackle that quilt top again.  I made another section that's destined to be in the corner of the quilt as it's smaller than it should be (I figure it can hide under binding) and way more wonky than the first.  Maybe I'll be distracted again.

Jan 24, 2012

A trip to School, a trip to Spotlight

Today was my big boy's first day of Grade 1.  He's usually a holding on to my leg kind of guy, but not anymore.  Not since he turned 6.  He couldn't wait to let go of my hand and play with his friends.  Ignored me really.  I guess he's all grown up.  I've still got the little guy though... for now.

Obligatory first day photo.
After the school drop off we went for a visit to Spotlight.  I came home with this:

Let's see, some quilting cotton (30% off), red ribbon, light blue 6oz denim (thin like voile) from the remnant bin, spot knit fabric (also from the remnant bin), orange and red gingham of unknown type because it had no tag (I think it's cotton) $5 a metre and lastly a couple of metres of pale blue Seaspray (like Stella knit but a little less quality but for $3 a metre who cares!) and matching thread.

I also came home with a couple of these (one for each of the boys) small quilt kits with added minky:

I'm more of a cat kind of person though.

I liked the back of this ribbon.  I'll use it to mark the back of pants.

If you are wondering (and I know you are) how my Hidden Wells quilt top is going, the answer is badly!  I made a couple of incorrectly sized cuts which has made me want to give up.  Here is all I've done in the last week, one eighth of the top:

It's pretty wonky up close and I've had to put my Singer 222k away until it's new belt arrives.  Sad.  I think I might make something with the Seaspray.  Stay tuned.

Jan 21, 2012

A visit to the gallery

It's near the end of the school holidays for my six year old and he'll soon be in grade one.  I thought a trip to see the Matisse: Drawing Life exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art would somehow create a good memory of time just spent with me alone (doesn't happen very often with a 20 month old as well).  As always, it's an exciting train ride to South Brisbane, with kids and prams everywhere.

Apparently the best part of the exhibit was the Drawing Room at the end.  With some paper, a clipboard and a pencil we got to keep, he became the artist.

Fruit and vases everywhere.
Next stop was the Yayoi Kusama Look Now, See Forever exhibition.  It had a fantastic ending as well: The Obliteration Room.  You walk into a (once) white room filled with IKEA furniture with a sheet of spot stickers and go crazy!

So crowded.

So loud with those kids on the piano.

If you have children that are sticker happy, I can recommend a white leather IKEA sofa, stickers just glide off onto the floor into little piles.

Last stop was the we miss you magic land! exhibit made entirely of sugar and glitter.

Unbelievable detail.
Little piles of sugar.
Very Katamari.
All those lollies strung together and mini pipe cleaners.

The detail was amazing and it all looked delicious.

My favourite part (as always) was the gallery shop.  We came home with this:

which turned into this:

I've always wanted one of those fireplaces, but apparently they cost as much as a small car.  

Anyway, when I asked the artist what his favourite part of the day was, he replied "seeing the tilt train".

Jan 18, 2012

My newest toy

Let me introduce you to my littlest baby.  She's a 1956 Singer 222k and very cute.  I wish I had some great story about having her passed down from a doting grandmother, but I don't.  I bought her off ebay, her former owner found her and put it in his shed for 20 years and then decided to sell her when he moved.  Romantic.  She looks like she was pretty well used for at least the first 30 years of her life with all the paint and decals worn.  It made it cheaper for me because these things in excellent condition go for huge amounts on ebay.

Well worn front - I wonder how many outfits she's sewn...

I've just had her rewired and serviced.  I'm just waiting for some new parts for her (like rubber feet, new belt and quarter inch foot).  The rubber feet from the foot controller had melted all over the machine in the heat of the shed but amazingly it was fairly easily removed with some baby wipes.  Scary.

The flatbed comes off revealing a tiny free arm.  I'll photograph that one day.

 Check out that frayed belt - still works though.

She's so light you can pick her up with one hand even though she's solid metal.  I've got her working again on my quilt top.  I hope she lasts for another 56 years.

Not to much done in one day.

Jan 17, 2012

One for all the Aquarians out there

I've had a jelly roll of Tula Pink's Neptune hanging around for quite a while, just waiting for the right project.  I seemed 'discover' the fabric line just as no one was selling it any more and all I could find was the jelly roll (not something I would normally buy).  Being a newbie, I ended up buying Pam and Nicky Lintott's book Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts just for a little inspiration.  It's not too bad if you have a lot of pre-cuts lying around.

So I'm getting a January zodiac water theme thing happening and chose one called 'Hidden Wells'.

Pretty fabric with seaweed and fish.

I'll let you know how I go.

Jan 16, 2012

Welcome to the 'burbs!

It's a rainy night and the kids are in bed, so I thought it might be a good time to write my first post.  I've been wanting to do this for quite a while now -  it's time to share a little of my life with the world.

I try to do a little sewing around here, but with 2 little boys it can be hard!  I've become addicted to quilting and sewing shorts for the boys (but you'll soon see all of that) and I've fallen in love with a cute new addition to my sewing machine family.  I hope you have a great time here as I journal all my creations and hopefully improve my photography skills!

My littlest boy dragging the Christmas quilt top around the house.